Working with Nest – 6/11/17


I want to take a minute and talk about the wonders that is Nest. Yes, you can go look up the website at and learn all about their products and what they do, but let me give you the simple explanation. Nest is the key to having a successful smart home system in your home. This system does not only work with the products they produce but it also works with many other products including for example the Smart Garden Hub, which if you have one of the products Nest Protect, which is sort of a fire alarm but much more, and it detects smoke then the Smart Garden Hub that would be hooked up to your sprinkler system will turn the sprinklers on to hopefully slow down the fire in time to get you and your family out of there. I am telling you all this information but I find it very interesting and enjoy working with these products. If you would like to hear more about these types of products, let me know.

Again, I am not here to upsell you. We can look on the competing websites together and find you a great package of products and their prices and reviews. The only thing I want in return is monetary for installation and maintenance to the equipment. Message me if you would like to have a discussion. I am already set up some simple, intermediate, and extreme packages that you can sort through and with technology changing every day, I constantly update my list of equipment so that my customers always have a chance to get the best products around.

Mike the tech guy!


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